Corner Stone Equestrian Centre

is a safe and happy place to learn to ride and achieve your dreams with a positive coaching style. 

     Riding and therapy Lessons are designed to boost your self-esteem while developing riding skills in an enjoyable atmosphere.  Our focus is to develop our riders in a safe, friendly, and fun atmosphere on quality horses and ponies.  We find success follows.

     We offer year-round lessons in a well-established professional environment using our indoor arena. Our well-behaved and happy school horses will assist you in developing your skills as a beginner, intermediate, advanced or therapy rider.   Horses are matched with riders according to age and skill level.

     We modify our lessons to suit each riders needs. Therapy Lessons also offered please read more info on the  Therapy Riding Info to read more info regarding these lessons.

     We teach all levels and all ages. No one is too old to ride, and we start as young as age 7. Riders are taught basic equitation principles, which will allow them to specialize in the discipline of their choice when ready. Those with more experience will build on skills both on the flat and over fences.

     Regardless of your level, you will enjoy our positive coaching style and an opportunity to develop the emotional bond of harmony and partnership with a horse or pony, while in the company of others who share your interest based on quality, not quantity. 

What we teach:

  • The basics of horse care, proper handling, grooming and tacking up procedures
  • The fundamentals of riding, correct mounting and dismounting techniques, proper position and accurate aids for the most subtle control and harmony
  • The essential patterns and exercises for both horse and rider
  • developing balance, strength, agility, self awareness and communication 
  • When suitable , The principles of jumping, progressing from basic position over a single jump to mastering the art of riding a course and jumping in fields
  • The skills needed to prepare and succeed at showing
  • Safety & self-confidence 

We offer:
  • Year-round standard and also therapudic riding lessons, leasing, boarding and part-boarding
  • 30 years of professional certified experience and 47 + of horse experience
  • Certified coaching
  • Indoor arena
  • Outdoor Dressage ring / Jumper ring
  • Cross country schooling jumps
  • Safety and fun
  • with assistance for preparation and horse 
  • All Students should allow for enough time to groom their horse and clean their tack after each lesson. 

 Lessons with Jr Instructor's 

  • Private             -- 35+ mins ride /25 practical      $48.00/per
  • Private             -- 50 mins ride / 10 practical        $48.00/per
  • Semi Private     -- 60 mins ride  / 10 practical       $45.00/per
Lesson with Cathy Colwell  British Horse Society - AI 
  • Private   35+ mins ride/20 practical            $65.00/per
  • Private   60+ mins ride                   $70.00/per
  • Semi - Private  60 mins ride           $60.00/per
  • Sat Group    60 mins lesson                       $60.00/per

Riding Therapy Lessons

we offer some financial assistance for those who are challenged for access. 

 "KARAT "   Kingston  Area  Riding  Assisted Therapy 

  • Assessment       -- First visit /assessment not always riding  $50.00/per                                    
  • Private   hour           --  custom lesson            70.00 per
  • Semi Private     -- 45 mins  lessons( 2-3 Riders)      60.00/per         
  • tax included 13% tax
  • We are happy to give Receipts and help with forms for any funding you can apply for.
  • Fully insured facility, CPICS requested for all volunteers and staff
We welcome visitors who would like to tour the facility & meet the instructors and the horses. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

    Riding with us is fun and successful.

  Therapeutic horseback riding 

Therapeutic riding is beneficial for children and adults who present with any of a wide range of cognitive, physical, and emotional conditions.

Lessons are customized for each client to optimize the experience, personal progression and development of riding skills.

Semi - Private lesson will only be offered to students for whom it is appropriate to participate in semi-private lesson. You or your child will never be forced to ride with others. 

Thank you to Mat McAllister  Graphic Design and another Sponsor helping with our promotion designs, 2015.

Photo credit: C Colwell  

Wiltontack.com and their continued support of Equestrain Shows and our local Riders. Experienced and knowledgeable staff. Large Variety and selection of quality Helmets and other related items. 

Ribbon Works for the Donation of Ribbons for our very special KARAT riders. 

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