Kingston  Area  Riding  AssistedTherapy 

Host Facility: Corner Stone Farm

Therapeutic horseback riding 

Therapeutic riding is beneficial for children and adults who present with any of a wide range of cognitive, physical, and emotional conditions.

Lessons are customized for each client to optimize the experience, personal progression and development of riding skills.

 Therapy Lessons - we offer some financial assistance for those who are challenged for access. 

  • Assessment    -- First visit /assessment not riding  $50.00/per                       
  • Private     -- 45  mins  custom lesson          $60.00/ 70.00 per
  •    Custom with extra staff for assistance in learning $ 70.00           
  • Semi Private  -- 45 mins  lessons( 2-3 Riders)      58.00/per    Semi - Private lesson will only be offered to students for whom it is appropriate to participate in semi-private lesson. You or your child will never be forced to ride with others.                   
  • tax included 13% tax
  • We are happy to give Receipts and help with forms for any funding you can apply for.

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