We are calling out to all who wish to help support us in the costs of keeping our horses here, healthy and our future alive. 

Anyone who knows, me knows that the horses come first, before sleep, before comfort or groceries.

Covid has hugely impacted on our future and we are using credit to buy hay and grain. 

We have started to teach some lessons. We still need to get ahead of the debit from the shut down. 

If you can donate , any amount , it will be used to provide feed and health care to the horses. 

Taxes are Due in July -- We have no more reserves for this. 

Our hay and vet would let us go on credit too but eventually these bills have to be paid.

Can you help? Can you sponsor a horse or pony?  
A one time donation or a monthly donation? 
Each horse/pony  is eating at least 6-10$  food a day... 250 - 300 a month.
Spring vet bills are due and some of our wonderful older ponies have medical and farrier costs per month. ( $ 60-120)

So if you are able can you consider sending a trasfer to :  Corner _Stone_Farm@hotmail.com

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